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Subject Antwort: RE: [Portal] future and design questions
Date Thu, 30 Oct 2003 15:17:18 GMT


We are using the portal aswell, and did some extensions like the
ApplicationCoplet and the Cachingcoplet in
cooperation with Carsten from s&n.

Our main goal was on application integration. That means to run any
existing webapp inside a coplet, featuring
starting a new instance of an embedded webapp. Aggregating the "normal"
portal menu with the menu of the integrated webapp.

Also javascripts, java-applets and layers are from the embedded webapp are
reused inside the coplet.

We are also going to implement some new features eg admin tools for
customizing and personalzation.
Maybe we could collaborate?

Manfred am 30.10.2003 14:23:23

Bitte antworten an

Thema:   RE: [Portal] future and design questions


thanks for your offer - it would be great if others can step
in and extend the portal.

Now, the current version in cvs is stable and is already
used in different projects around the globe.
There is no real list of what is missing; so if you can
think of anything that you're missing just do it :)
I think in the usuability area are some things missing.

One major think currently is the complicated configuration,
so if anyone has a good and clever idea on how to simplify
this, I would be very happy.

Obviously, tools are missing. If you look at the old
portal engine you have some html based administration
tools. It would be great to have those as well, although
imho this isn't restricted to html based tools, e.g.
Ecplise based plugins would be great as well.

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From: ġURDINA Michal []
Sent: Monday, October 27, 2003 2:56 PM
To: Cocoon-dev
Subject: RE: [Portal] future and design questions

Thank you for prompt answers!
Our team can eventually choose cocoon as portal solution
(we really have good and long-term experiences with cocoon).
Therefore we can eventually help on developing and testing
tasks and provide valuable feedback from the real world
applications environment.
For this purpose we need to know additional information about
the status of current implementation of portal-engine block.
We would like to know, how much work is left that needs to
be done. Could you please summarize those specific tasks that
are left for finishing the block to be fully functional and
eventually how much time they would take?
Thank you,

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