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Subject Cocoon in Batch Environment
Date Fri, 17 Oct 2003 09:55:18 GMT
Hello *

I want to write a small JMS server that reads a message from the queue and
generates a report using cocoon. The generation of the reports spends a
long time in SOL querys and  they can also grow very large.  So i can't
generate them online in our webapplikation. But we need PDF and Excel
format, so cocoon would be a good choice.

My questions to the experts are:

* Ist the org.apache.cocoon.Main class a good starting point?
I hope i can reuse all the initialization of cocoon and only have to adapt
the main method for the queue reading loop. But i don't see a hook. I will
make a new class and copy the methods.

* A new environment will be necessary. The commandline environment is
designed to read a uri, the http environment is designed to handle a http
request. I will have a JMS message as request and a JMS message as reponse.
Is there something to reuse, or is it necessary to create a completly new

* What more is necessary? Will it work to have a JMSMain that initializes
cocoon, reads the incomming JMS messages, puts them in a JMSEnvironment and
delegates to cocoon? Is this realy all?


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