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From "JD Daniels">
Subject RE: OJB Sample?? Or Block is missing...
Date Sat, 18 Oct 2003 07:12:09 GMT
Yes... I browsed into those jars with winrar... and
/com/sun/jdori/model/jdo/JDOModelException does not exist..... I am going to
go into the block and see if I can figure out what is trying to throw it.


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From: David Crossley []
Sent: Friday, October 17, 2003 8:06 PM
Subject: RE: OJB Sample?? Or Block is missing...

JD Daniels wrote:
> The samples do not work.. NoClassDefFoundError:
> /com/sun/jdori/model/jdo/JDOModelException
> I look in the block.. and got confused about what exactly wants to throw
> it.. it doesn't exist in the jar....

Did you follow Antonio's instruction earlier in this thread
about adding the jdo.jar and jdori.jar in your lib/local ?
These are not distributed with Cocoon.


Antonio wrote:
> Please first review if the samples are working for you. Currently, there
> are just 2 samples working. Both with JDO. There is one sample with XSP
> and another with woody.
> I will try to check why are you getting this error.
> > Antonio, have you got this to actually work!?!?!?
> Yep. Check the samples on the CVS version. The samples must work if you
> put the jdo.jar and jdori.jar in lib/locals.

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