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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: [RT] what cocoon forms lack
Date Fri, 10 Oct 2003 08:21:56 GMT

On Friday, Oct 10, 2003, at 09:27 Europe/Rome, Bertrand Delacretaz 

> (commenting on the editor stuff only)
> Le Jeudi, 9 oct 2003, à 23:28 Europe/Zurich, Stefano Mazzocchi a écrit 
> :
>> ...I see two potential types of editor:
>>  - plain text
>>  - stuctured text
>> Rich text is one of the potential structured text.
>> I dislike "textarea" as a style if an string input field. it doesn't 
>> feel right: a textarea is the style of an editor....
> OTOH being able to edit (wiki-like?) text from a plain textarea must 
> be possible as a fallback for when people don't have the right 
> browser, mobile stuff, etc. It is certainly easy to do but must be 
> taken into account.

Sure. but you missed my point. The critic was not about "HTML textarea" 
but about where the "textarea" concept resides on woody. Today, woody 
believes that textarea is a "style" of a string input widget. I dislike 
this. I think "textarea" is a "mode" of a yet-to-be-there editor 
widget, exactly for the reasons you mention above and because widget 
should be separate for their use, not for the output they create.

>> ...In linotype you have Wysiwig and markup, introducing a wiki mode 
>> is in my todo list.
> Do you envision a server-side format converter for this?

no, client-side. I plan to write javascript to do this, so that I'm 
able to move back and forward from a wiki view, a markup view and a 
WYSIWIG view from the client side.

> I'm asking because a good birdirectional wiki-to-xhtml conversion 
> component in java would be very useful. The current chaperon stuff 
> doesn't provide this.

a javascript wiki2xhtml parser would be just as functional and can be 
used on both sides (even if would require some tricky things, since in 
the client side the dom is already there, exposed)

>> ...I would love to have linotype as a cform widget with pluggable 
>> editing modes that share content: so that you can write your wiki 
>> text, then click on the wysiwig tag and edit content like that, back 
>> and forward, you can cut/paste stuff in and out
>> now, what do you think?
> I like this - if this is used for our docs later on, being able to 
> cut/paste wiki stuff in and out would be very useful for offline work.

yep, the gt-notes-editing experience showed me this as well!


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