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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: [RT] Separation of Blocks and Avalon
Date Tue, 14 Oct 2003 14:28:46 GMT

On Tuesday, Oct 14, 2003, at 15:29 Europe/Rome, Berin Loritsch wrote:

> Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
>> Potentially possible, but I wouldn't do it, we need to be able to 
>> keep the 2.1 tree clean.
>> Berin, how long would you think it would take you to do the migration?
> The simple migration will be fairly quick.  For instance, it would take
> a couple of hours.  The additional features, however, would take a bit 
> more
> time.  90% could be worked around initially just by taking advantage 
> of the
> way current Servlet containers work.

Can you be more precise on this? I'm not sure I'm following you.

>> do you have a list of things that worry you most?
> With help, I think we can migrate and stablize Cocoon 2.2 rather 
> quickly.
> Cocoon would still need to extend Fortress a little to get the 
> dynamically
> compiled generators (XSP) and such.

XSP will probably be moved into a block, we might want to focus on the 
core stuff first.

> We also might need to create a new
> LifecycleHandler for Request bound components.  The thing is passing 
> the
> request object to the handler.  We could do this with a more dynamic
> Context object, or we could use the Lifecycle Extensions API, or we 
> could
> do a bit more like current ECM is operating.

I'd like to follow the lifecycle extensions, if that was an option. 
from what I recall, it was implemented more or less exactly for those 

> These things will take some time to shake out the details for a 
> better/pure
> environment, but Cocoon would be usable after the initial port.  The 
> might be a disabled for a day or two, though.

this is *not* a problem. the 2.2 tree can stay up in the air for as 
long as it takes. this is the reason why we made a different module.

the day 2 day work continues on cocoon-2.1

>> BTW, why can't we do the migration *after* we implement the blocks?
> We can do it whenever you like.  I just need to know when you guys 
> want it.
> When I have the green light, I will start working on it.

You have green light from me.

>> I mean, we have a system that works and a design that improves. 
>> cocoon needs block far more than it needs a migration to a more 
>> modern avalon container.
> :)  You know, I have a feeling that the more modern Avalon container 
> will
> open up the doors to things you may not have thought possible 
> beforehand.


> I think you will find the new container and blocks will have a 
> symbiotic
> relationship.  Whichever you choose to implement first is up to you.

Up to *US*, please. :-)

Anyway, I think your volunteering deserves trust.

for me: go!

[please keep up posted with progess and, in case, request for help]


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