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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: Finished Video Processing
Date Thu, 16 Oct 2003 13:06:26 GMT

On Thursday, Oct 16, 2003, at 13:17 Europe/Rome, Jeremy Quinn wrote:

> On Thursday, October 16, 2003, at 11:05 AM, Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
> <snip/>
>>> It works beautifully when the .avi is a local file, but not when it 
>>> is loaded over the net. I checked this in QT Player (entering the 
>>> URL) and directly in Safari, and it also completely fails to play, 
>>> even after having buffered it. No Audio, jerky video. I also tried 
>>> saving the SMIL as a Composite, fast-start .mov (with external 
>>> references), but still no go ....
>> crap, can you post the above (and the images) somewhere on the net so 
>> that I can see it?
> <>
> Keep in mind ... this is a very rough demo :)
> ie. I did not have Steven's slides, so I blew up snapshots from the 
> video itself.
> I made the slide region so much bigger than the movie region so you 
> can actually read the text on the dense ones ....

I don't get audio, but apart from that it's not too bad. Are you sure 
you don't have to specify the audio stream separately? (in fact, if you 
have different video streams, you need to tell which one is to be 
heard... or, how to mix them... Andrew knows a lot about SMIL, any 
suggestion there?)

Steven, can you give Jeremy your presentation or take the snapshots 
yourself? that would help the overall quality feeling.

It seems like pre-buffering is interrupted between the various 
slides.... I wonder if this is a quicktime problem or not. Maybe is 
there a way to tell quicktime not to stop buffering between slides.

[btw, can you windows folks check if the above works with quicktime for 
windows as well? thanks]

I also noted that if you remove the quicktime-namespaced extentions, it 
still works.

>>> So maybe the DivX codec is not so good after all :)
>> divx is the most crossplatform/free codec, that's why I choose it, 
>> nothing about technical excellence in the choice. It had to be "good 
>> enough".
>> I'm not surprised if it doesn't work well with more interactive 
>> usage.... have you tried with real player?
> Not yet ....
>>> OK, so I could re-process the video so it would maybe work, but the 
>>> whole idea was to re-use the existing files in different containers.
>> yep.
> See what milage you get ..... I have hard-coded one of the UK Mirrors 
> as the source of the movie .... if we can get this to work, we need a 
> way of sending you off to your local mirror.

I'm full bandwidth with that mirror anyway, so it's pretty good.

Note that we might be able to do automatic redirection to the closest 
mirror, just like geoip-based URL redirection. shouldn't be much 
different from the mirror.cgi we already have

(and this is how we'll do block distribution with the librarian)


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