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From "Unico Hommes" <>
Subject InspectableSource
Date Mon, 27 Oct 2003 13:52:16 GMT

I am looking into extending SourcePropsWritingTransformer to also be
able to remove SourceProperties. One thing I need to decide is how to
access SourceProperties now that we have SourceDescriptor interface.
>From SourceDescriptionGenerator I can see that the distinction between
SourceInspector and InspectableSource was mainly that of computed vs.
modifiable. With the new SourceDescriptor interface this distinction
does not exist anymore and so we have in fact two interfaces with the
same functiality. We need to decide what to do with that.

I see three possibilities:

1) keep InspectableSource interface. SourceProperty related sitemap
components talk with both interfaces to do their job, favoring
InspectableSource if the Source implements it else falling back on

Pro: - SourceProperty related coding can be done directly onto the
Con: - Confusing what properties are managed where
     - Clients have two interfaces to choose from

2) deprecate InspectableSource in favor of SourceDescriptor and migrate
SourceProperty related sitemap components to use the SourceDescriptor
interface instead, taking care for backwards compatibility with Sources
that haven't moved away from SourceInspector yet.

Pro: - Client need to use only one interface
Con: - Need to refactor some things
     - SourceProperties are not directly available on Source.

3) make SoureProperty related sitemap components talk directly to
InspectableSources only. Create a Source delegate - callit
RepositorySource - that adds inspectability to arbitrary sources by
talking to SourceDescriptors.

Pro: - One interface
     - SourceProperties directly visible on Source

Ok, I think I just answered my own question ;-D, but I'd be interested
in others' opinions.

What do others think?

-- Unico

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