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From "Arje Cahn" <>
Subject RE: Whiteboard Tool (was: [RT] FirstFriday - monthly virtual Hackathon (wiki pages))
Date Tue, 21 Oct 2003 13:19:53 GMT
> doable? digest this first

Ok; this is going to sound silly, I know. 
I was thinking of sending keystrokes to different span's when a message is catched by the
HTTP call. Should be easy enough. Next would be an algorithm that is able of splitting <span>s
when you click on them so people can type in the same line of text. Catching the events when
someone types and sending it to a server is quite easy. Just add some colouring and we're

> I'd rather use designMode/Midas-like approach of having a white canvas 
> (an iframe in html) to play with. contenteditable tends to be a little 
> too granular for free-form editing.

Yes, probably. I'm into the designMode part.
Besides that I'm sure the biggest issue here is not in the editing interface but in the communication
with peers. I'm not a hero on that part. So if someone could please help on this one; that
would be great.

We could also opt for some Java IRC applet or something? There is plenty of that on SourceForge.

> Count me in, but this is going to require *massive* thinking, 
> expecially on how to reduce the problems of latency over the network.

*massive* thinking! Wow - I need that. Could you teach me how to do that? :)


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