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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: [OT] Digital Video Amarcord
Date Tue, 14 Oct 2003 09:47:52 GMT

On Tuesday, Oct 14, 2003, at 11:05 Europe/Rome, Nils Mueller wrote:

> Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
>> I started processing the GT video tapes.
> Hey Stefano,
> how's progress on those videos? On friday Joerg and I will try to 
> bring our co-workers up to speed on latest Cocoon developments and I'd 
> love to be able to show them David's performance. Any chance of that 
> being downloadable by the end of the week?

these are ready:

  - steven's introduction
  - mine
  - christian's
  - sylvain's
  - david's

uploaded and mirrored worldwide.

Go to

then choose your favorite mirror and browse it until you find


Please **DO NOT** use the web site!!!!

use a mirror nearby!!! help us save bandwidth!!!

They are encoded as

   video stream -> DivX4 100Kbps
   audio stream -> Mp3 64Kpbs

For macosx, either download VideoLan, MPlayer or the DivX quicktime 
plugin from NOTE: 3ivx does NOT contain the MP3 decoder 
plugin for quicktime so if you hear no audio, that's why! install the 
divx plugin. Quicktime will *NOT* play them without installing a plugin.

For windows, install the divx plugin or use any divx-capable video 

for linux, VideoLan or Mplayer should work right out of the box.

> Come on, merlino, you can do it, alti-vec and all ... ;-)

There are three more to go:

  - michael's
  - bertrand's
  - matthew,gianugo,david's

and, in case I still have energy left,

  - the final panel

                                    - o -

I'm encountering the weirdest problems. It seems that at some point in 
the end of Michi's presentation, the mpeg stream in my DV camera turned 
encrypted (well, at least that's what mencoder is saying)! this is 
giving all sorts of bad results from crashing iMovie and Quicktime to 
spitting a bunch of error message from mencoder. I have to dig into 
that today.

Let me tell you: we still have a LOOOOOOONG way to go for digital 
video, my hardware/software combination looks jurassic for the task and 
it's more or less the best you can get for a reasonable price. I feel 
we are in digital video where we were 10 years ago for digital imaging.

But it's good to see free software advancing. mencoder is *a lot* 
faster than the official (closed) divx encoder. and mplayer is able to 
play quicktime with sorenson compression (the most commonly used in 
quicktime) natively and mencoder is able to read a DV-encoded stream 
natively. They are doing an impressive job.

Too bad they don't write quicktime plugins for all these goodies and I 
have to jump thru hoops to edit with iMovie and then encode it with 
mencoder.... oh well, added to my lightyears-long todo list :-(


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