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From Tony Collen <>
Subject Feature Matrix
Date Tue, 28 Oct 2003 00:39:14 GMT
Hello Anthony,

I've recently been pointed to your feature matrix [1], and I would like 
to update you with some features of Cocoon which should be updated in 
your matrix:

I18N -- Through the I18NTransformer, docs located at [2]

Security -- Cocoon has an extensive authentication framework which does 
not rely on the container.

Documentation: D,E,F,G,J,T (Self explanatory)

Error Handling -- Cocoon can handle internal errors very easily, see [3]

IDE Integration -- S&N produces an Eclipse plugin called "sunBow" which 
is very useful for Cocoon Development.  See [4]

Web Services -- Cocoon has a WebServiceProxy Generator component, [5] as 
well as a generic HttpProxy component.

Direct Database Access -- Cocoon can connect to JDBC data sources, as 
well as XML databases such as Xindice.

Workflow -- Cocoon has a Flow layer which utilizes the Rhino Javascript 
engine, and continuations.  See [6].

XML-RPC -- This really falls under web services -- You can easily 
connect using a Java XML-RPC library from the Flow layer.

Job Scheduling - Cocoon has a "Cron" block which allows execution of 
code at specific time intervals.

Thanks for listening -- we eagerly await the update of the product 
matrix. :)


Tony Collen


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