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From Upayavira>
Subject Re: Forrest docs in old format.
Date Fri, 24 Oct 2003 10:49:19 GMT
Carsten Ziegeler wrote:

>Upayavira wrote:
>>For the moment I would be against removing the docs from the webapp, as 
>>it is my primary means of testing the CLI/bean.
>How do you test the CLI with the docs copied to the webapp? (Just curious)
I get the CLI to generate /docs/index.html and follow links. If it 
generates the whole site, it gives me a good idea as to how it is 
working, and how fast it is working.

It isn't the best test method, as there are features of the CLI that 
this isn't testing - e.g. link rewriting. I can see that I need a more 
targetted test suite, aimed to show up flaws in these features.

One reason why I haven't done this because I haven't worked out how to. 
Should I just create a sample, or I guess I could add my tests to 
src/webapp/tests/. And have a cli-test.xconf somewhere that can be used 
to run the tests. (I would like to come up with a way to automate the 
checking of the results, but for the time being, checking the resulting 
pages will be a manual process).

Does all this make sense? The better the idea - the easier it'll be for 
me to implement.

Until we've done this, the docs is all I have!

I'm off on a retreat for next week, so I won't be doing this for a 
little while.

Regards, Upayavira

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