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From Geoff Howard <>
Subject Re: Whiteboard Tool (was: [RT] FirstFriday - monthly virtual Hackathon (wiki pages))
Date Tue, 21 Oct 2003 21:19:11 GMT
Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
> On Monday, Oct 20, 2003, at 14:07 Europe/Rome, Arje Cahn wrote:
>> I'm dreaming of an open source-Javascript 
>> based-crossbrowser-SubEthaEdit-kinda editing tool.
> MultiLinotype?
>> If we put the document inside a 'contenteditable' field, and let some 
>> Mozilla/IE compatible object communicate with the server in the 
>> background, shouldn't that be perfectly possible?
> I'd rather use designMode/Midas-like approach of having a white canvas 
> (an iframe in html) to play with. contenteditable tends to be a little 
> too granular for free-form editing.
> It's possible, yes. Both mozilla and IE have HTTP subrequest components 
> accessible from the javascript layer (actually mozilla cloned the IE 
> ones, so portability is not a big issue there)

Would you really want that?  I thought we were pursuing this as a tool 
for a virtual hackathon - wouldn't you rather a better editor?  I'd 
think a jEdit or Eclipse would make for easier implementation _and_ be a 
more useful environment.

> doable? digest this first
> and come back to me. This is the list of algorithms that they 
> implemented in SubEthaEdit.

Been reading it.  Not yet digested... :)

I just finished the section describing the star architecture of Jupiter 
which drastically simplified things.  I also wonder if a sort of "row 
level locking" (well, actually line-level-locking) wouldn't do even 
more.  I have the disadvantage of not having ever seen/used SubEthaEdit 
-- is it really that useful to be able to have different people editing 
the same line simultaneously?

> Scary to death, if I have to be honest.
> But *very* intellectually stimulating.
>> We might have to put every letter inside a div tag so we can insert 
>> them in strange locations while typing somewhere else, but what the 
>> hell, if it works... :))
>> Anyone in it?

I think that would be monumentally harder and not any more useful than 
an existing editor which already has a Memento type of architecture 
(which designMode and friends may but don't expose do they?)

> Count me in, but this is going to require *massive* thinking, expecially 
> on how to reduce the problems of latency over the network.

The last thing I need is something else to play with, but I'm 
interested.  I don't suppose SubEthaEdit is coming out with support for 
other platforms?


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