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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: Why is FlowInterpreter SingleThreaded?
Date Mon, 20 Oct 2003 16:36:34 GMT
> After looking carefully, the interpreter must be SingleThreaded, even if 
> thread safe...
> This is because although an intepreter can handle concurrent requests, 
> each sitemap must have a different instance, since the interpreter holds 
> the scripts defined in a <map:flow> statement.
> So if the interpreter is made ThreadSafe, a unique instance will exist 
> for the whole system, and will mix all script definitions and script 
> global variables. Making it SingleThreaded ensures each sitemap will 
> have its own instance. It seems hacky, but I don't see what other means 
> we have to achieve this...

without looking at the code: couldn't we pass the script definition on
each call?

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