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From Steve K <>
Subject Continuations in clustered environments?
Date Sun, 19 Oct 2003 20:18:53 GMT
Hey folks --

Is it possible for continuations to be used in a clustered environment? 
  A cursory look at ContinuationsManagerImpl leads me to believe that 
the continuation info is stored in forrest, a private HashSet. 
Therefore, it does not look like a cluster could share continuations -- 
is this right?

In order to make this possible, you would either have to share the 
continuation objects among the cluster, or serialize the continuation 
object itself on the web page.  The continuations could be shared in a 
database, or perhaps with a JavaGroups-enabled container, similar to how 
  Tomcat sessions are replicated.  Maybe SwarmCache can be used as-is 
for this?

It seems like it might be easier to serialize the continuation objects 
and pass them back to the server the same way the continuation IDs are 
passed around.  Of course they would have to be encrypted in some way to 
prevent people from tampering with them.  This may or may not be 
practical depending on how big these objects actually are.

Is anyone working on this, or am I totally wrong and it is already possible?


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