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From Erik Bruchez <>
Subject Re: New CVS?
Date Sat, 18 Oct 2003 21:36:10 GMT
There is already an open source CVS replacement project that is progressing 
quite well and should reach 1.0 in the next few months:

It is not written in Java, but if you are looking for a list of what's wrong 
with CVS and how to fix it, the Subversion site is the place to start.


Robert Simmons wrote:

> Lets face it, CVS is an OLD product. Furthermore, the development of CVS is
> almost dead having few releases in recent years. At least this is my opinion.
> What I am doing in polling the community of open source developers as to what
> they think. I am seriously considering starting a project to replace CVS using
> Java technology in the way that Ant has virtually replaced make as a build
> utility (for good reason).
> I am curious about the following questions:
> 1) What do you think about the idea?
> 2) What lessons do you think can be learned from CVS? Things done badly, not
> done at all, etc.
> 3) What features in CVS do you believe should be deprecated and why?
> 4) What features would you like to see in a replacement to CVS that currently
> are not available in CVS?
> And for the Apache Folk:
> 5) Would you consider this an interesting project for ASF?
> I look forward to your answers and comments.
> -- Kraythe

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