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From Geoff Howard <>
Subject Re: Modular DB Actions, MS SQLServer and AutoIncrement columns? SOLVED
Date Fri, 17 Oct 2003 16:11:34 GMT
Andrzej Jan Taramina wrote:
>>I'm trying to figure out how to use MS SQLServer 2K's Identity columns as a
>>primary key, which automatically generate a new value for the field when using
>>Modular DB Actions to do an insert.
>>I kinda thought it should look like this for an identity column called "id" in
>>the database descriptor:
>><key name="id" type="int" autoincrement="true">
>> <mode name="auto" type="autoincr"/>
>>But it didn't work.....the DatabasAddAction tried to insert the value for the
>>actual key, and SQLServer punted that since you can't manually set identity
> Using the Manual AutoIncrement module was the source of the trouble when I 
> had the key field set as an SQLServer Identity field.
> So I wrote a quick SQLServer Identity AutoIncrement module for Cocoon that 
> resolved this issue for me.  It's called 
> org.apache.cocoon.components.modules.database.SQLServerIdentityAutoIncrementMo
> dule
> and was modelled on the hsqldb version that comes with Cocoon 2.1.2.
> Maybe one of the developers would be interested in adding this for Cocoon 
> 2.1.3?
> Yours for the asking if you want it.  ;-)

Can you submit it as a [PATCH] to bugzilla?


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