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From Barzilai Spinak <>
Subject [Woody] woody.js (show) woody2.js (showForm) et al
Date Fri, 17 Oct 2003 06:44:08 GMT
Sylvain, or whoever can clarify this:

Recenlty there was an addition of woody2.js for flowscript handlinf of 
It looks like woody2.js  is a "new version" of woody.js  (deprecating 
the latter). Or is it just an "addition"?

Forms used to have a show method. Now in woody2.js they have a showForm 
method. But the old show
allowed a "validator function" parameter and the new showForm just 
accepts a bizData.
As a side note, the comment block for showForm says:

 * This uses some additionnal propertied on the form object :
 * - "locale" : the form locale (default locale is used if not set)
 * - "validator" : additional validation function. This function receives
 *   the form object as parameter and should return a boolean indicating
 *   if the form handling is finished (true) or if the form should be
 *   redisplayed again (false)

but it's not clear to me how to assign a validator to the form from 

The binding bean sample:
in Cocoon 2.1 uses  <wd:button> for row adding/deleting
Cocoon 2.1.1 and 2.1.2 use <wd:action> but it seems like it's already 
deprecated and
it mentions we should use  <wd:repeater-action> instead.
This is all good and great but there's zero documentation on how to do it!

Woody looks very powerful and with a great future but at the same time 
it looks like a big pile
of XML tags that you can put together nested within each other in 
undocumented ways, while new ones
keep appearing and others are deprecated.i

Maybe I'm part of my own problem because I hate coding by copying and 
pasting undocumented examples
and changing things here and there until "It Works"(tm)  but not being 
quite sure why or how. I prefer having
a whole vision and understanding of concepts and tools/syntax, etc. and 
how to put them together.
Right now, the best Woody documentation there is, is the one at the Wiki 
pages which is several eons old
and just shows a lot of disperesed concepts and bits but not the wires 
that make them work with each other.

I don't want to sound like I'm complaining, because I'm very thankful to 
the Cocoon developers for such a fine
project and community. I'd even like to contribute to Woody but right 
now it's like trying to grab a giant,
wobbling piece of gelatin.

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