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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject Re: [Woody] why the binding load and save was removed from Form ?
Date Thu, 16 Oct 2003 17:03:50 GMT
Ramy Mamdouh wrote:

> Hi all,
> The elegancy of using the binding from the flow script on the 
> javascript Form object makes me ask:
> - why the load() and save() methods (with all the necessary binding 
> object, uri, binding manager) are not in the Form (that's it, 
> org.apache.cocoon.woody.formmodel.Form) class?

Work in progress... Actually, I added them and later removed them before 

When writing the binding, Marc insisted on the fact that it was 
important for them to be separated. But I think that, although this is 
important from a processing point of view (load, then handle the form, 
then save once the form is valid), this may be good to integrate this in 
the processing code for a form.

And also, considering the very unique features of the Form class 
compared to other widgets, I'm wondering if it should be a widget at all.

> This way, we can use the same simple way of binding from outside the 
> flow script, maybe from an ActionListener or something. 

Yeah, and also have some (not yet implemented) processing-phase 
listeners be triggered upon load and save.

> For me, with the help of the new event handling in woody, this can 
> lead to a minimum javascript code, and the flow would be mainly for, 
> well, flow stuff :)
> If there's no objection on moving this functionality into the 
> org.apache.cocoon.woody.formmodel.Form class, I can make it and send a 
> patch.

Please do.


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