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From Klaus Bertram <>
Subject Re: Linotype all
Date Thu, 16 Oct 2003 15:34:25 GMT
Bruno Dumon wrote:

> On Thu, 2003-10-16 at 16:09, Klaus Bertram wrote:
>>Hi all
>>i checked out 2.1 form cvs and make a clean build
>>and now nothing work (moz and IE), in edit mode all is blank no src in 
>>the browser
>>Here is the system.out exception by jetty:
>>15:57:41.944 WARN!! Error for /samples/linotype/private/edit/news/3/
>>java.lang.VerifyError: (class: 
>>TransformerAdapter$TemplateConsumer, method: endDocument signature: ()V) 
>>Incompatible argument to function
>>         at 
>>         at 
> I'll commit a fix shortly.
> I don't know why it gives this problem though, at first I thought it was
> maybe a bug in the Linux JVM I'm using.
> The class TemplateConsumer is a static inner class of the class
> TransformerAdapter, which in itself is a static inner class of the class
> JXTemplateGenerator. TemplateConsumer holds an instance of
> JXTemplateGenerator, and tries to access its "xmlConsumer" protected
> instance variable. Changing that by using a getter to get the
> xmlConsumer solves the problem. Strange though that this code compiles
> but fails at runtime...
Thank's it rocks


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