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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject Re: [RT] Rethinking the SourceResolver concept
Date Thu, 16 Oct 2003 13:13:38 GMT
Carsten Ziegeler wrote:

>The recent discussions about migrating to fortress lead me
>to think about our SourceResolver concept again.
>First the current state:
>- The SourceResolver is an Avalon component that can be 
>  looked up everywhere you have a component manager
>  (service manager).
>- The SourceResolver resolves any URI, including the
>  cocoon: protocol. 
>- Relative URIs are resolved to the current sitemap.
>- Sitemap components get a cocoon source resolver
>  in the setup() (or act() ...) method.
>- The cocoon source resolver is an interface that
>  is obsolete and is there only for compatibility.
>  It extends the Avalon SourceResolver interface.
>So, a sitemap component always resolves URIs relative
>to it's sitemap.
>But in addition - if you have a usual avalon component,
>e.g. a ThreadSafe one that uses SourceResolver - this
>component resolves URIs relative to the current sitemap
>as well. So the current sitemap acts like a context
>for this component.
>This behaviour led to some more hacky implementations
>to make it work and we had to extend the ECM for this.
>The main problem is to determine the current sitemap.
>We have some thread local variables for this and
>a rather ugly handling for internal requests.
>Now, I think we can make it simpler :)
>a) A sitemap component gets a Cocoon source resolver anyway.
>  We can provide in the setup() method a wrapper for
>  the Avalon SourceResolver that knows it's sitemap. This
>  is simply and doesn't need thread locals etc. anymore.
>b) The only problem lies in all this nice little thread
>  safe components that resolve URIs relative to the
>  current sitemap. 
>One solution for b) is to say, relative paths are always
>resolved to the context directory of cocoon than we can
>remove a lot of the hacky things. But I fear this might
>break some things.
>So, what do you think?

Mmmh... what if a ThreadSafe component declared in cocoon.xconf expects 
an URI (a string) and then uses the Avalon resolver to get a Source? 
What base URI will be considered?

I'm not sure we can avoid keeping the current base URI in a ThreadLocal.


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