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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: Proper filenames for all jars
Date Wed, 15 Oct 2003 17:18:59 GMT
>>>The same applies to xml-apis.jar Also does this new version
>>>come from xml-commons?
>>This is a problem, that I tried to raise in the xml-commons community, but
>>this is not easy. The code inside the xml-apis-jar is not part of ASF.
>>xml-apis.jar is a recopilation of many standards. The xml-apis.jar is used
>>by many projects: xalan, xerces, ant, cocoon, etc.
> Yes, that is why xml-commons is so important. This stuff is vital to
> many projects.


>>I tried to push a version of the file, but this ended in a blah, blah,
>>blah.  Maybe if all us push about this, we will have and xml-apis.jar with
>>a version.

Sounds like a good idea

>>I suggested that each change in some api will change the version of the
>>file. But nobody did nothing.
>>I am concerning about this too.

This already gave us quite some problems in the past.

Updating Xerces and Xalan quite often resulted in
trouble because some the 3 jar weren't really

> Ah, poor old xml-commons. Unfortunately, not many people from
> other projects are interested in it. So it is very hard to get
> things moving. I think that we should try to help rather than push.
> All cocoon committers are also committers there by default. So along
> with the help of other Cocoon developers, we should be there.

Well, but we can't just go there and introduce a version number, can we? 
(...apart from theoretical "yes")

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