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From Tony Collen <>
Subject Re: [RT] Updating the website
Date Fri, 10 Oct 2003 19:42:21 GMT
Carsten Ziegeler wrote:
> Due to my nice(?) rearranging of the docs we are not able
> to update our website without breaking some external links.
> And this is (to say it friendly) very bad.
> But we have updated/new docs that should be published asap. So
> how can we manage this?
> Stefano had an impressing (wild) idea at the GT which sounds
> very cool, but will unlikely not happen today or tomorrow.
> I personally wanted to update the site asap, at least with
> the next release for 2.1.3 - our great bug fix release.

Hmm, what was Stefano suggesting? I'd be interested to know what he's got turning in those
gears in 
his brain :)

> I wanted to start this RT to discuss some possibilities, so
> here are some:
> a) I revert the structural changes (cause in the end it's my
>    fault)

+1 for reverting for now.

> b) We update and don't care about external links
> c) We update and care a little bit about external links and
>    redirect a 404 to let's say the start page
> Thoughts?

I think we need to make a giant list of all of our docs/pages, what they do, and their current
in the docs structure.  There's a lot of stuff out of place, one thing I always notice is
the page 
talking about DELI being switched off.  For some odd reason, it just seems like this page
does not 
belong there.

We might need to get away from the "developer" vs "user" notion, because depending on how
much about 
Cocoon you already know, you might have to hack out a new generator (which would seem to imply

information in the developer section) while you are really a user.

IMHO, the line between developer and user is blurred, and I think the docs need to reflect
somehow.  Touching back to the idea of getting a giant list of all the docs, something I might
is to get a bunch of notecards, and write down each doc on them.  If there's a "line" of documents,

connect them all together, and shuffle them as a unit.  Post-It notes might also work well.
way it's easy to move things around logically without disturbing the file system structure
until we 
have everything sorted out.

 From the sounds of it, we're almost at a critical point with the docs.  We NEED to make it
easy to 
find things.  I've always been of the opinion that the best site docs in the open-source world
on  They combine the "official" docs -- organized very well and logically --
user-submitted comments, which is sometimes worth more than the real docs.  This is something
need to explore for future versions of the site docs, I think, but it may not happen until
we have 
Cocoon serving its own docs.

> Carsten 


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