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From Ugo Cei <>
Subject Re: Testing serviceable components
Date Fri, 10 Oct 2003 19:19:47 GMT
Steve K wrote:
> I don't know if this will help you, but I've been experimenting with 
> using the CocoonBean in my test cases.  You could create a subclass of 
> the CocoonBean class that will expose the getComponentManager() method 
> to your test case.  You could then use that method to create and test 
> the component.

Thank you, but I already have a ComponentManager provided by 
ExcaliburTestCase, however what I need is a ServiceManager.

Anyway, after some thinking I came to the conclusion that the class I 
want to test (o.a.c.woody.datatype.DynamicSelectionList) does not need 
either a ComponentManager or a ServiceManager. Its generateSaxFragment 
method should be passed a Source and should not get one from a 
SourceResolver that in turn it gets from a ServiceManager:

public void generateSaxFragment(ContentHandler contentHandler, Locale 
locale, Source source) throws ProcessingException, SAXException, 
IOException {
     SelectionListHandler handler = new SelectionListHandler(locale);
     SourceUtil.toSAX(source, handler);

Why? Well, because, according to the Law of Demeter ([1]), any method of 
an object should call only methods belonging to:

- itself
- any parameters that were passed in to the method
- any objects it created
- any directly held component objects.

The current implementation of generateSaxFragment violates this law by 
calling a method on an object (Source) returned by a method called on an 
object (SourceResolver) returned by a method called on a directly held 
object (ServiceManager): two levels of indirection more than necessary. 
This creates a tight and unnecessary coupling between 
DynamicSelectionList, SourceResolver and ServiceManager.

By refactoring the way I plan to, we get the added benefit that we can 
get a Source from wherever we like, be it a ComponentManager or a 
ServiceManager or maybe some mock implementation, easing testability.

What do you people think?



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