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From Ryan Hoegg <>
Subject Re: [RT] Separation of Blocks and Avalon
Date Fri, 10 Oct 2003 09:44:46 GMT
Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:

> BTW, why can't we do the migration *after* we implement the blocks?
> I mean, we have a system that works and a design that improves. cocoon 
> needs block far more than it needs a migration to a more modern avalon 
> container.
> -- 
> Stefano.
This sounds like a good idea, since we seem to have a much more mature 
idea of what the blocks implementation entails than the container change.

One reason we might consider a new container first is that it might 
simplify the block design.  One thread that is still active talks about 
how to expose classes to other blocks.  This requirement might go away 
completely if blocks can access java in other blocks only through the 
avalon container, and we decide that any java code the block wants to 
provide must be packaged using a standard format.

The risk is that the container upgrade is very complex and time 
consuming, causing all the good ideas about blocks to be put on hold.

Of course ultimately the people doing the work will make the decision :)

Ryan Hoegg

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