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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: Track feature requests in bugzilla?
Date Fri, 10 Oct 2003 08:11:21 GMT
Bertrand Delacretaz wrote:
>>>> Another issue is the configuration of bugzilla itself. Isn't it 
>>>> customizable? Furthermore more recent versions offer more options.
>> I bet ...but doesn't Bertrand know? :)
> Newer versions of bugzilla use HTML templates which can make it look 
> much nicer if that's the problem. I think it is part of the problem if 
> we're going to make more serious use of bugzilla, there's no excuse for 
> looking bad on the web today.
> Also, the query form in 2.16 has a better layout which helps a lot when 
> you start using it.

Good to hear.

> Finally, saved queries help a lot, you can create the 4-5 queries that 
> you need regularly and then mostly forget about the query page.
> I don't know if they exist in the 2.14.2 version that we're using, but 
> if they are they seem to be disabled (Pier?).

No, I'm using them heavily. One for Cocoon, one for XSLTC, ... And they 
are simple to use with an URL like 
Why do you think they are disabled?

> An easy workaround if saved queries cannot be enabled for some reason is 
> to create more links like the "patch queue" and "open bugs" links that 
> we have on the web and wiki. "What happened in the last X days" and 
> "what's unassigned" come to mind and are easy to do.
> But I agree with Andrew and Jeff that the current bugzilla works - it 
> might not be pretty (it is ugly actually), and is lacking in ways of 
> classifying issue types, but it does the job if one is willing to use it.
> I'm not sure about switching to another tracking system. The "new toy" 
> syndrom could help people make more use of it, OTOH if people are not 
> willing to use it they will not and we will only have wasted time. A 
> bugzilla upgrade might be good though.
> My suggestion would be to stay with bugzilla until the next 1-2 
> FirstFridays at least  and see how we do. Until then, have a vote on 
> where we want to track feature requests, bugzilla or wiki will both work 
> for these IMHO, this is not such a big deal.



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