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From Steven Noels <>
Subject [gt2003] thank YOU !
Date Thu, 09 Oct 2003 21:44:44 GMT
Hi all,

browsing through all the 'thank you' mails, getting increasingly
embarrased, I'd simply like to say 'thank YOU'.

Thanks for the enthusiasm, expressed by signing up and showing up,
sometimes after considerable travel or lodging adventures. Thanks for
the trust, expressed by happily paying the registration fee, allowing us
to organize all this without going bust. Also thanks for the many, many
people who showed up for their second GetTogether: you guys rock.

Organizing an event is like preparing an infrastructure which the
participants *can* make use of, *if* they choose to - like a unassembled
box of Meccano. Having Wifi on a conference floor is kinda cool, but
becomes great when people start using it as a communication mesh to
jointly take notes, and pushing them live as fast as possible, so that
those who couldn't make it can still be part of it. Kudos to Bertrand
and Jeremy, who started this, as well as those who joined them.

I'd also like to thank Gianugo, Matthew, Massimo, Andrew & David and
Sylvain, whose companies agreed to help organizing the GetTogether. Oh
yes, I should address them as Orixians, but in the end, when preparing
badges, setting up WiFi access, rehearsing Bach with soaked pants and
crawling on the floor with power plugs, it's about being a bunch of
friends rather than some dull business thing.

As I concluded the 'thank you' sessions during the event, I'd especially
like to thank my friends & colleagues, Marc & Bruno, working hard on
paid-for projects, buying me time to organize things, and coping with
the occasional crisis when I'm messing up.

The day after, we were already jotting down notes for next year's
edition. Some cool new things we are dreaming about, taking into account
serious suggestions and wild ideas gathered during these intense,
tiring, but extremely rewarding two days (and three nights). This won't
become yet another dull conference, be sure of that.

The fact that so many of you showed up, and the intense buzz of people
connecting with each other during these two days, shows how strong our
community is. Above code and wonderful technology, Cocoon is a people's
project. I feel proud being able to create a meeting ground for such a
wonderful group of people. Thank YOU for this.

See you next year,

Steven Noels                  
Outerthought - Open Source Java & XML            An Orixo Member
Read my weblog at  
stevenn at                stevenn at

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