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From Upayavira>
Subject Re: [RT] what cocoon forms lack
Date Thu, 09 Oct 2003 21:34:59 GMT
I have a prototype of an upload widget on my HDD. Just need to finalise 
a sample before committing. It is what you describe as 'passive'. It 
holds within itself the Part when a file is uploaded, which can then be 
accessed from flow.

Oh, and I would _love_ to see a CocoonForms linotype widget. Ideas start 
streaming forth...

Regards, Upayavira

Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:

> Thanks to the great energy that Sylvain is able to put into things, we 
> now have a community consensus on making woody the official cocoon 
> form framework.
> On the trip back from the GT, I spent some time talking to David 
> Nuescheler. A while ago, I suggested him to take a look at linotype 
> and he liked the concept and told his guys to use it.
> On the train, he told me: "you know, the idea of making linotype a 
> woody widget is not so far off as it seems, we did our own form 
> framework and editing framework and came up with nothing that could 
> distinguish the two, so we are making an effort to merge the two".
> This triggered an incredible amount of thinking... during the hours 
> that took me to get back and thanks to sylvain's handouts, I was able 
> to have a solid reference for my thinking.
>                                    - o -
> There are two widgets that cforms are missing:
>  - editor
>  - uploader
> I see two potential types of editor:
>  - plain text
>  - stuctured text
> Rich text is one of the potential structured text.
> I dislike "textarea" as a style if an string input field. it doesn't 
> feel right: a textarea is the style of an editor.
> I also see two potential types of uploaders:
>  - active
>  - passive
> Passive uploaders are the usual ones, the ones with a input field and 
> a "browse" button. (normally native widgets that are not CSS modifiable)
> Active uploaders are the one that react on the content being uploaded 
> and show it (like the image uplaoder in linotype).
> The idea is the following: both widgets make available to the 
> controller (after having been processed), an object model that 
> contains the content. The template generators should be able to 
> process the object model of a structured text and crawl it 
> transparently to generate SAX events.
>                                     - o -
> Note, however that these widgets don't resolve the need for a 
> semi-structured editing capabilities of the page (a-la 
> contentEditable), but they go a pretty long way to provide capabilities.
> Another interesting feature would be providing different "modes" for 
> the editor, just like different tab panes that react on the content.
> In linotype you have Wysiwig and markup, introducing a wiki mode is in 
> my todo list.
> I would love to have linotype as a cform widget with pluggable editing 
> modes that share content: so that you can write your wiki text, then 
> click on the wysiwig tag and edit content like that, back and forward, 
> you can cut/paste stuff in and out.
> now, what do you think?
> -- 
> Stefano.

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