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From Tony Collen <>
Subject Struts is a Software Fashion?
Date Mon, 06 Oct 2003 23:27:47 GMT
Interesting article, most of you probably already read it since it was 
posted on Slashdot.  It calls Struts a "software fashion":

"However for many uses, the Struts framework is just too complex. It's 
just entity beans all over again. When Java was introduced we were 
promised no more knives and daggers. Just like EJB, Struts introduces 
unnecessary levels of indirection through a web of XML. In JSP, to get a 
simple view or edit form up is quite easy, using Struts makes things 
twice the work. Simple forms are more complex and complex forms are more 
complex still."


"It is likely that Struts will either be replaced with a simpler 
alternative (probably JSF), or backtrack down the simplification route 
that EJB is now treading. In particular, Struts needs to reduce its use 
of XML."

Which brings up the issue -- Will Cocoon ever be "fashionable" in the 
bad sense?  How can we prevent it from becoming fashionable in a bad way?



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