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From Alfred Fuchs <>
Subject Re: DirectoryGenerator
Date Mon, 06 Oct 2003 10:01:54 GMT
Conal Tuohy wrote:

 >>why not extend the mechanism of <map:aggregate> and
 >>give a "FileInfoDirectoryGenerator" a prefix for a pipeline or resource,
 >>that is calld on every found file.
 > Yes I see your point. Maybe I've missed something, but I just wondered why
 > this facility should be built into the generator - rather than performed as
 > a subsequent step using an inclusion transformer.

I overlooked that the CIncludeTransformer also works with "cocoon:/....",

but my principle question:
where ist the border between a pipeline:
	EmptyDocGenarator->Tranformer 1->....Tranformer n->Serializer
and a
	GenaratorDependingOnOtherPipelines->Tranformer 1->....Tranformer n->Serializer
has no answer up to now.
(f.e. the XPathDirectoryGenerator (or the xpath attribute of the HTMLGenerator)
can also be done with a subsequent call to the XIncludeTransformer.)

best regards,

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