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From Marc Portier <>
Subject Re: [GT2003] heads up: Hackathon schedule updated
Date Fri, 03 Oct 2003 07:09:37 GMT
thx for doing the update bertrand!

Bertrand Delacretaz wrote:
> Following talks with Marc and Carsten, we have updated Monday's schedule 
> to spare time for working in smaller semi-chaotic yet focused and 
> efficient groups (aka "hacking") in the afternoon.
> See (not yet 
> reviewed by the "official" GT team)

uhuh, for the 'hackathon' this official team is just all of us....
so pls comment

to be clear

morning focus is  >> strategic 'war-room' planning  <<
(talk, discuss, decide)
   1/ if you have time, maybe prepare your 10' talk on the wiki itself:

*it will allow for those not attending to add their suggestions as well*

(it doesn't need to be more then a list of bullets I guess)
(I am assuming that the 'blocks' topic will need more then one session 
of 10' :-) any suggestion/estimate would be nice)

   2/ try to abuse the afternoon-work by concluding towards concrete 
things that need to be done (even if the attending group should still 
decide 'how', it would be great to have a list upfront of 'what')

afternoon focus is   >> factual 'commando' hacking  <<
   1/ declare yourself as possible commando-leader for a certain 
hacking-area, on monday we can see how those possible groups get 
organized eventually (some chaos allowed)

   2/ bring your wifi cards, those without one will be happy to do some 
pair programming on your station :-)

we currently have the idea of having a large bord with post-it notes 
holding all the issues to be hacked so we can physically check them off
(other ideas welcome)

the benefit of this change IMHO is that more topics can get discussed by 
all, and since there is more people attending then originally expected, 
  we can now parallellize the hacking-time rather then sequence it...

Marc Portier                  
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