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From Alfred Fuchs <>
Subject Re: DirectoryGenerator
Date Wed, 01 Oct 2003 11:13:59 GMT
>> [extension to] DirectoryGenerator [...]
> That's interesting. I guess, however, than that the best solution would 
> be patching the real DirectoryGenerator (in doing so please sync the 
> *TraversableGenerator in scratchpad too).
OK, but where should I post the patch?

another question: I separated the real directory-scanner from the
generator code. in what package should I put this helper-classes?

>> [...] PipelineDirectoryGenerator [...]
> Delegating the inclusion to another pipeline looks pretty neat and 
> definitely useful, but I don't feel like this should be the job of a 
> monolithic generator. How about turning that part into a transformer who 
> reads the DG/TG output and does exactly what you're planning?
I thougt of it, but this approach leads to the current design (I think):
a special directory-scanner for XML files,
a special directory-scanner for HTML files,
a special directory-scanner for Image files
and the merge the output via aggregation and apply a advanced stylesheet...

or in addition to the XIncludeTransformer
a HTMLIncludeTransformer,
a ImagePropertyIncludeTransformer
a XXXIncludeTransformer.

and the switching between the different files must
also be done in the transformers.

the current design:

     <map:generate type="pipeline-directory" src=".">
         <map:parameter name="include" value="\.(xml|html|jpg|gif|png)$" />
         <map:parameter name="contentPipeline" value="cocoon:/content-pipeline" />

     <map:serialize type="xml"/>

<map:pipeline internal-only="true">
     <map:match pattern="content-pipeline**">

         <map:match pattern="content-pipeline/**other**.xml">
             <map:generate src="{1}other{2}.xml"/>
             <map:transform src="extractOtherTitles.xsl"/>
             <map:serialize type="xml"/>

         <map:match pattern="content-pipeline/**.xml">
             <map:generate src="{1}.xml"/>
             <map:transform src="extractTitles.xsl"/>
             <map:serialize type="xml"/>

         <map:match pattern="content-pipeline/**.html">
             <map:generate type="html" src="{1}.html"/>
             <map:transform src="extractTitles.xsl"/>
             <map:serialize type="xml"/>

         <map:match pattern="content-pipeline/**">
             <map:generate type="fileinfo" src="{1}"/>
             <map:serialize type="xml"/>

would then look like this (?)

	<map:generate type="directory" src=".">
		<map:parameter name="include" value="\.(xml|html|jpg|gif|png)$" />

		<map:parameter name="mime-type-match:text/xml"       value="\.xml$" />
		<map:parameter name="mime-type-match:text/xml/other" value=".*other.*\.xml$" />
		<map:parameter name="mime-type-match:text/html"      value="\.html$" />
		<map:parameter name="mime-type-match:image"          value="\.(jpg|gif|png)$ />

	<map:transform src="prepareIncludeTransformers.xsl"/>

	<map:transform type="xinclude"/>
	<map:transform type="htmlinclude"/>
	<map:transform type="imageinfoinclude"/>

	<map:transform src="extractTitlesAndFileInfo.xsl"/>
	<map:serialize type="xml"/>

the advantage of the second approach is, that
all is together in one pipe.

the disadvantage is, that for all generators we need a
equivalent transformer.

best regards,

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