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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject Server-side XForms (was Re: Disappointed about avalon usage)
Date Wed, 01 Oct 2003 09:27:10 GMT
Dr. Michael N. Lipp wrote:


> My project aac-xforms (another approach to Coocon XForms) grew out of 
> the desire to have the "standard" XForms in Cocoon. I'm still working 
> on this project, but have currently very little time and so it is 
> making little progress. Sometimes I look at chiba/chicoon and wonder 
> if I should stop aac-xforms, but I still like my approach ;-).
> Concerning the server/client question of XForms, I think there will 
> always be demand for a pure server side solution (or at least 
> approximation, as you can obviously not fully implement UI event 
> behaviour) until XForms is integrated in browser (which will not 
> shortly - if ever - happen). Believe it or not, especially the large 
> costumers of the company I'm working for are still hesitant about 
> allowing JavaScript (bad) or user driven download of plugins (very 
> bad) and "please do not propose a solution that requires our IT 
> department to do installation of software on the clients".

I perfectly understand this and had similar experiences: convincing a 
large customer to deploy a plugin on thousands of PCs is not a simple 
thing to do.

But this wasn't the real question: why XForms at all? Why use a 
client-side spec to constrain it in a server where it doesn't fit?


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