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From "Dr. Michael N. Lipp" <>
Subject Re: Disappointed about avalon usage
Date Wed, 01 Oct 2003 09:14:30 GMT
> Typo: Where/how is poolable *not* used as it should be ?
Sorry, it is really quite some time ago. It was something with DOM/SAX 
handling. When I just looked through the code (2.0.4), the only thing I 
could find was XMLByteStreamCompiler being generally used with "new 
XMLByteStreamCompiler" although it implements Recycable (which I mixed 
up with pooled in my previous mail, I think). You should probably forget 
about this detail - if I come across it again, I'll send a note.

My project aac-xforms (another approach to Coocon XForms) grew out of 
the desire to have the "standard" XForms in Cocoon. I'm still working on 
this project, but have currently very little time and so it is making 
little progress. Sometimes I look at chiba/chicoon and wonder if I 
should stop aac-xforms, but I still like my approach ;-).

Concerning the server/client question of XForms, I think there will 
always be demand for a pure server side solution (or at least 
approximation, as you can obviously not fully implement UI event 
behaviour) until XForms is integrated in browser (which will not shortly 
- if ever - happen). Believe it or not, especially the large costumers 
of the company I'm working for are still hesitant about allowing 
JavaScript (bad) or user driven download of plugins (very bad) and 
"please do not propose a solution that requires our IT department to do 
installation of software on the clients".

  - Michael

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