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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject Re: Disappointed about avalon usage
Date Wed, 01 Oct 2003 08:05:24 GMT
Michael Lipp wrote:

> Hi,
> having studied the avalon concepts some time ago, I just came upon a 
> point where I wanted to take advantage of them and failed. Let me tell 
> you why.


> I admit, I have no great experience with Avalon. But to me it seems 
> that the moral of this is that anything designed as an Avalon 
> component should not use package visible methods of other classes 
> unless those classes are only very private helpers. Otherwise you do 
> not really get configurable components. 

Your analysis is right, and I also faced the exact same problem some 
time ago (was with 2.0.4) when writing a SourceLessProgramGenerator to 
have an XSP engine using only precompiled XSPs. I also found a that time 
that a bit of refactoring quickly leads the GeneratorSelector to 
disappear and be replaced by a simple HashMap.

I should go back on this and cleanup this package... or maybe you want 
to send a patch ?

Now an important point is that you aren't disappointed by Avalon (its 
concepts and the implied benefits), but by usage mistakes in a 
particular usage of it. Am I right ?


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