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From "Antonio Gallardo" <>
Subject RE: OJB Sample?? Or Block is missing...
Date Sat, 18 Oct 2003 05:02:02 GMT
JD Daniels dijo:
> Ok, well i gave up on the XSP for now... I want to use flow and woody
> anyway :P
> The samples do not work.. NoClassDefFoundError:
> /com/sun/jdori/model/jdo/JDOModelException
> I look in the block.. and got confused about what exactly wants to throw
> it.. it doesn't exist in the jar....


First, I am very glad you take your time and review the OJB block. We will
try to help you as far as we can. ;)

Said that, lets go to the things:

In woody, the example is not finished, since it just try to insert a row
in the Employee table of the database with by cocoon. In order to check if
the example works, we check the inserted row using the database block
(Manage Employee sample).

Anyway, the EmployeeImpl (BTW, don't know if we can call it better
"wrapper" class) includes all the needed functions that you can call from
the flow:

insert(Employee, JdoPMF)
remove(Employee, JdoPMF)
retrieve(Employee, JdoPMF)
update(Employee, JdoPMF)

Employee param - represents the bean of the table Employee that was JDO

JdoPMF  - is the component that currently allow to integrate OJB with Cocoon.

You can see the flow written in javascript (server-side) that call the

We are aware that the examples of the block are not complete.
Desafortunately we (currently) does not have the time to finish all the
samples. The important thing here is that the OJB block "probes the
concept" as viable for building database driven webapp with Cocoon. using:

OJB+Woody+Flow as a MVC implementation.

We are also aware the current implementation of OJB block is far to be the
best implementation ever in Cocoon. But this is just an initial demo of
how this can be done. We wanted to share the ideas with the community,
because we think here is far more talented people than we are.

So, I invite you to review what is there, comments and help us in this
area. We are not OJB nor Cocoon "gurus", we are just learning as many
people here in this arena.

One important thing is that we are currently trying to develop 2 webapp
with this. That means this will be a final test if this can work or not.
and our experience will help to improve the OJB block at all and his
integration with Woody. I guess it will work fine, I am a BIG optimistic!

Best Regards,

Antonio Gallardo

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