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From "Antonio Gallardo" <>
Subject Re: [Woody] woody.js (show) woody2.js (showForm) et al
Date Fri, 17 Oct 2003 10:39:02 GMT
Sylvain Wallez dijo:
> Yep. And posts like Barzilai's one make me wonder if we should stop
> development in the 2.1 repo and move it over to 2.2 into a new "cforms"
> (Cocoon forms) block. Note that this doesn't prevent to backport this
> block to 2.1 before an official 2.2 release if we consider that it has
> reached some level of stability (including docs).

-1. I think woody need to get improved even faster than the current trend
in the current release too. 2.2 is far away and since it will be at a
stable level this would slowdown the development of woody. :-(

If someone wants to work with a "non-moving target" then there is 2.1.x

As you posted before this is the price of using too newer blocks. A year
ago Carsten convince me to use the CVS version, I use it since them while
developing applications. Sometimes it is hard, but it is part of the fun
called "bug hunting". ;-D

I cannot forgot the end of the last year when there was a nasty bug with
session-fw that almost make me got crazy. I was too newbie, but happyly
the bug was hunted and the cvs version was fixed. I think maybe Carsten
remember this too? ;-)

>>If you wish to know about the lastest of the woody and get a better
>> overview of what woody is and how you can use it. I think apart of wiki
>> there is a very nice presentation (BTW, made by Sylvain at GT2003). I
>> rather want to call it: "Learn Woody in 45 mins."
> I'm glad you liked it :-)


Really, I was not be directly involved in Woody. Just looking here and
there sometimes what Carlos and Bernardo discovered in woody. They are the
"woody gurus" here. ;-D

I was working in druid - for get the boring O/R
mapping done by a Druid generator. Carlos and Bernardo said the
presentation was the best that can happen us right now. They said me you
used a diferent approach in the flows as the one used in the examples. Of
course both works.

They already done too much forms that will be glued by Flow with the OJB
code generated by druid.

If this all works... I think the Cocoon comunity will have a really RAD
for database oriented webapp ! I hope it will work, if not we will be
killed by our customers! lol.

I am sure many people that could not go to Ghent (as me) is very happy for
the effort that Stefano did doing the AVI's. It is really great to see
what there happens, see all the presentations and get a better feel of
what there was.

BTW, I burned a CD's with all the Ghent stuff and give a copy to Carlos
and another to Bernardo. ;)

I hope Stefano will post the 2 part of the downhall. Because it end to
soon. I think we miss the end of the event. :(

Anyway, the AVI's was a great idea! Thanks again, Stefano! :-D

Best Regards,

Antonio Gallardo

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