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From "Antonio Gallardo" <>
Subject Re: Struts is a Software Fashion?
Date Tue, 07 Oct 2003 01:07:29 GMT
Tony Collen dijo:
> Interesting article, most of you probably already read it since it was
> posted on Slashdot.  It calls Struts a "software fashion":
> "However for many uses, the Struts framework is just too complex. It's
> just entity beans all over again. When Java was introduced we were
> promised no more knives and daggers. Just like EJB, Struts introduces
> unnecessary levels of indirection through a web of XML. In JSP, to get a
>  simple view or edit form up is quite easy, using Struts makes things
> twice the work. Simple forms are more complex and complex forms are more
>  complex still."
> ...
> "It is likely that Struts will either be replaced with a simpler
> alternative (probably JSF), or backtrack down the simplification route
> that EJB is now treading. In particular, Struts needs to reduce its use
> of XML."
> Which brings up the issue -- Will Cocoon ever be "fashionable" in the
> bad sense?  How can we prevent it from becoming fashionable in a bad
> way?

Hi Tony:

First, I will don't care about that. I don't know strust to said if this
is correct or not.

But Cocoon is simple, it is based on pipelines and nothing more. This is
the base of Cocoon. We have not a big white elephant.

The complexity of Cocoon is because there are many components, that can be
viewed as a relief to users. You don need to reinvent the wheel. I see the
components as a libraries like in other languages.

Also we don't code in XML. We just use it to store data. Of course you can
tell me abot XSP, but believe Cocoon project is moving away from there.
How I know that? Well, just check the areas where there are more
development activity. For sure this is not the XSP area.

Cocoon also does not try to be an "all in one solution for everything". We
are concentrating our effort on a webapp framework. And in my own case I
am using cocoon as a businnes webapplication framework.

If Cocoon will be a fashion or not. I think it is too early to said that.
We are not too populars! All profesional life I had a good sense of what
will be cool and what not. I was never been an early adopter of new
technology and never worked with a technology that does not "smell" good
for me. Maybe Cocoon will be my first mistake. I don't believe. I see big
potential in Cocoon that was not developed jet.

To be honest I am reluctant with the overall article. Can be Windows be
called the worst fashion on the software industry history? Did you see the
abuse done by using an OS developed for HOME to be use at WORK or
ENTERPRISE level? How many people lose info because a poor developed
filesystem that can not arrange clusters and lose clusters. This problems
was solved in the worst case a decade before the first Windows saw the
sunlight. Why nobody taks about that?

About Relation Database (RDB)  vs. Object Database (ODB). It is very easy
to said: "RDB rules because ODB are too complex". Well, it seems like both
borned the same day, of course this is not true. The ODB still lacks of a
good API, Data Definition Language (DDL) and Query Language (QL), but this
does not mean this is not good at all. How old are the RDB? When was SQL
invented for RDB? Sometimes, the best technology lose. And that does not
mean this was just a fashion. As example saw the old know sample of
Windows vs. OS/2. Can be OS/2 called a fashion, just because a brilliant
marketing oriented guys sold better to the rest of the world a poor

If you read until here....:)
I want to share with you the document that really opened my eyes. After
reading the article, I formated my PC and since then I only use Linux:

This are random toughts. Please comments.

Best Regards,

Antonio Gallardo.

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