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From hassan abolhassani <>
Subject possible future addition
Date Thu, 23 Oct 2003 15:31:49 GMT
Hi all,
I have some concerns and would like to share with you. Sorry if these has already been discussed
or sounds non-sense. Anyway, I will be glad to hear your voices (I am not in the dev list,
so please in case you post a reply send me a copy too).
1- I know that Cocoon provides different facilities for Authentication and protecting pipelines.
However, I think it is possible to further simplify it. Suppose we add an attribute to <map:pipline>
for example 'protected' tag like:
<map:pipeline protected="yes">
Seeing this and having a global definition of the authentication configurations as well as
the action in case authentication fails, one may have easier way to add authentication.
2- I have faced several cases where I needed to generate an xml and then do some transformations
parallely on the same xml structure. One example is when you want to save some results to
disk and transform the same structure to show on browser window. The solution I finally reached
to for such a case, was to duplicate xml structure, one copy is surronded by tags needed for
"Source Writing transformer" and another copy without such tags. Then the structure is forwarded
to "Source Writing transformer" and then another transformer in charge of transformation for
browser display. I don't know if there is a better way, but I thought it might be reasonable
to have some form of Parallel Transformation (and/or Parallel Serialization).
Best Regards,
Hassan Abolhassani

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