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From Christopher Kohlhaas <>
Subject Avalon+XSLT+Mozilla = The Wobzilla-editor
Date Wed, 15 Oct 2003 12:42:44 GMT
Hello Cocooners,

wanted to introduce the OS-project I've worked on in the last 6 month.
It is based on Avalon- and XSLT-concepts so I thought it could be
another flavour to the cocoon-frontend discussions. 

Wobzilla is a Mozilla Application with XForms-like and also
document-centric editing capabilities. It is written in JavaScript and
most processing is done without server-interaction.

Wobzilla doesn't use a XSLT-processor it just borrows the XSLT-concept and
-syntax. In fact the Wobzilla-language is just an Avalon-configuration written
in XSLT-syntax. This approach facilitates a very declarative and
side-effect-free way of designing user-interfaces.

Wobzillas components already cover a majority of the xslt 1.0
functionality (including sorting and variables). On the editing side
there are features like undo/redo, context-menus, tables and tree-like

Still in scratchpad are the following two components:

1. A component that integrates the mozile richtext-editor 
   (currently no undo/redo support and some focus problems)
2. An active image uploading component, as in linotype.
   (currently the server-side mechanisms is missing)

I've also experimented with the inclusion of a midas like component
(e.g. linotype). There's only the one drawback that the components size
is fixed for midas.

I'm still in the process of translating the german documentation 
into legibly english and have already translated large parts.


for further information and a demo.

Wobzilla was originally intended to be a frontend for cocoon. But I
soon got facinated by the use of XPath, DHTML and avalon on the
client-side and focused on implementing this part of the editor.

So the cocoon integration is still an almost white paper. Although
parts already exist: There is for instance is a stylesheet for the
generation of editors from XSD-description (annotated or not) that
should be processed by cocoon.

If there is interest in the cocoon community, I would like
to further concentrate on integrating wobzilla into cocoon.
Any feedback or ideas on how to accomplish this are greatly

If there's no interest, that does'nt matter much. Wobzilla was part of
my diploma-thesis, so I had to do it anyway. (But considering the 
work I invested into this project, I would probably try promoting it
to other projects. :-)



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