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From Velle Andrè <>
Subject RE: Flow problem on Weblogic 8.1
Date Thu, 16 Oct 2003 15:48:59 GMT
Christopher Olivier wrote:
> Welcome to classpath hell :( The problem seems to be that Weblogic 
> server's class loader exposes its own copy of Rhino so the version 
> packaged with Cocoon is not used. In my opinion, this is 
> fundamentally a 
> bug with BEA's product. However that opinion doesn't help you 
> much. This 
> problem is compounded by the fact that BEA also has a forked 
> version of 
> Rhino so you can't just
>  replace the Weblogic rhino jar with the one from Cocoon or 
> you'll break 
> parts of Weblogic.
Yea, this definitely sounds like a Weblogic bug. Putting rhino.jar first in the weblogic classpath
moves me to the next error. I have seen similar things in the past, so I guess I should have
checked. It seems like rhino is only used by workshop, though, which I'm not using. So basically
my options are: 
1)Remove the rhino classes from weblogic.jar
2)Use ParanoidCocoonServlet, and do all the necessary weeding in the libs to get rid of all
the classcastexceptions. 
3) Use something other than weblogic

At the moment I'm leaning towards 3 ;-)


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