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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Forrest docs in old format.
Date Sat, 25 Oct 2003 07:23:47 GMT
Antonio Gallardo wrote:
> Upayavira dijo:
> > Are you saying that, in order to access the docs by doing cocoon servlet
> >  then http://localhost:8888/docs/ would access a local Forrest dist,
> > rather than the Cocoon dist itself, but would use the local Cocoon? That
> >  could work. It would need a suitable "to see the docs, download
> > Forrest"  message.
> >
> > But you know what that would mean? I would actually, after all this
> > time, actually have to download Forrest!

Ah, we strike this chicken-and-egg problem again (or is it

But Forrest does not give you everything with its packaged Cocoon.
Many blocks are deliberately omitted.

> Maybe yes or not...
> One solution can be test if forrest is installed:
> if (forrest != installed) {
>   <map:redirect to uri="the official website">
> }

Yes we would need some sort of test. Would it be better that this
happens during 'build webapp' rather than at runtime? The welcome.html
page is generated.

> I understand the problem. But maybe removing forrest from the distribution
> is a good start.
> Another solution can be:
> 1-Before releasing, generate all the cocoon docs with forrest.
> 2-Zip all the generated docs.
> 3-Make a sitemap for docs that read directly from the zip file?
> Is that ok? or this will increase the size of the distribution?

This sounds like a good solution, and in sync with Carsten's comment
earlier in this thread. Item 1 is already done with 'build dist'.

Another option is that the sitemap just "reads" the relevant
pre-prepared html doc, i.e. without the zip phase.


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