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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: [RT] Updating the website
Date Sat, 11 Oct 2003 02:21:11 GMT
Tony Collen wrote:
> Carsten Ziegeler wrote:
> > Due to my nice(?) rearranging of the docs we are not able
> > to update our website without breaking some external links.
> > And this is (to say it friendly) very bad.
> > 
> > But we have updated/new docs that should be published asap. So
> > how can we manage this?
> > 
> > Stefano had an impressing (wild) idea at the GT which sounds
> > very cool, but will unlikely not happen today or tomorrow.
> > I personally wanted to update the site asap, at least with
> > the next release for 2.1.3 - our great bug fix release.
> Hmm, what was Stefano suggesting? I'd be interested to know what
> he's got turning in those gears in his brain :)

It is going to be great when virtual participants can be at the
GT2004 (surely our "collaborative tools and techniques" experiment
will have progressed by then.

> > I wanted to start this RT to discuss some possibilities, so
> > here are some:
> > 
> > a) I revert the structural changes (cause in the end it's my
> >    fault)
> +1 for reverting for now.

This is just a Random Thought at this stage, so it is a bit
early to vote. Lets discuss options first.

I too prefer to revert and i will try to help. We need to do this
re-structure steadily and in the upcoming 2.2 module.

> > b) We update and don't care about external links
> > c) We update and care a little bit about external links and
> >    redirect a 404 to let's say the start page
> > 
> > Thoughts?
> I think we need to make a giant list of all of our docs/pages, what they do, and their
current place 
> in the docs structure.  There's a lot of stuff out of place, one thing I always notice
is the page 
> talking about DELI being switched off.  For some odd reason, it just seems like this
page does not 
> belong there.

We used to have that. There was an automatically generated
table of contents which aggregated all of the book.xml files
and made a list of every doc. It seems to have been removed
but not replaced with anything better.

Yes, such a list, and past discussions and previous "table of
contents" (= structure) proposals will help us to sort it.

> We might need to get away from the "developer" vs "user" notion, because depending on
how much about 
> Cocoon you already know, you might have to hack out a new generator (which would seem
to imply 
> information in the developer section) while you are really a user.

+1 ... we have talked about that many times. Almost every
user is a developer. Anyway "Trails" are better navigation method.

> IMHO, the line between developer and user is blurred, and I think the docs need to reflect
> somehow.  Touching back to the idea of getting a giant list of all the docs, something
I might try 
> is to get a bunch of notecards, and write down each doc on them.  If there's a "line"
of documents, 
> connect them all together, and shuffle them as a unit.  Post-It notes might also work
well.  This 
> way it's easy to move things around logically without disturbing the file system structure
until we 
> have everything sorted out.

Come on down, you have some great ideas.

>  From the sounds of it, we're almost at a critical point with the docs.  We NEED to make
it easy to 
> find things.  I've always been of the opinion that the best site docs in the open-source
world exist 
> on  They combine the "official" docs -- organized very well and logically
-- with 
> user-submitted comments, which is sometimes worth more than the real docs.  This is something
> need to explore for future versions of the site docs, I think, but it may not happen
until we have 
> Cocoon serving its own docs.

Yes, surely we must be getting closer to EODF - eat our own dogfood.

But still, Forrest is surely clever enough to do some of these
requirements now.


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