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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: [RT] FirstFriday - monthly virtual Hackathon
Date Wed, 08 Oct 2003 11:47:46 GMT
Bertrand Delacretaz wrote:
> Not really an RT, this was suggested by David Crossley yesterday (or 
> sometime earlier, my body clock feels funny this morning ;-)
> Could we have a monthly "virtual hackathon" on the first Friday of each 
> month?
> Suggestions:
> -Takes place on the first Friday of every month

I like that ... FirstFriday is able to be remembered.

Friday/Saturday is a good day - part work, part non-work.

So the first one would be 7 November.

> -Lasts about 24 hours,

Yes, one rotation gives the whole planet a chance to be involved.

> from whenever someone sends a mail here saying 
> that they're waiting for others to join

I think that it should start at a specific time. We know that
it is always on ... just be there when you can.

My suggestion is 09:00 Greenwich Mean Time.

If each developer and user would do just one little thing on the
day then that would be powerful.

> -Use IRC for real-time coordination

We would need to have good etiquette. I have stayed away from
IRC because i thought that it would degenerate into a mess.
Email has bad signal/noise ratio, so would not chat be worse.
Anyway, i am happy to try any tool that increases our productivity.

Also Apache projects need recorded transactions, hence email and
bugzilla for accountability and decision-making.

Could we stick with email for co-ordination?


> -Use normal bugzilla coordination once someone actually starts working 
> on a bug
> -Possibly use SubEthaEdit or similar whiteboarding tools [1] for pair 
> programming/reviews
> -The goal is to close as many Bugzilla issues as possible, or bring 
> them to a useful state (asking for clarifications etc)
> How does this sound?
> -Bertrand
> [1] I once tried coccinella (, it is 
> great and very lightweight, cross-platform, uses Jabber for 
> communication so no firewall problems

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