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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject Re: Forrest and the NDS (Re: [RT] Moving towards a new documentation system)
Date Mon, 13 Oct 2003 07:51:24 GMT

Le Dimanche, 12 oct 2003, à 12:40 Europe/Zurich, Stefano Mazzocchi a 
écrit :

> On Sunday, Oct 12, 2003, at 04:23 Europe/Rome, Jeff Turner wrote:
>> ...
>> :)  Let's remember that there's hard reuse and soft reuse.  Hard reuse
>> means physically integrating with Forrest/Lenya.  Soft reuse means
>> reusing ideas, people, and code where appropriate.  For a new project 
>> in
>> RT phase, worrying about hard reuse with Forrest and Lenya would IMHO
>> just slow things down.
> I agree: try to come up with a system that runs first and *after* try 
> to merge the results and possible changes back in the original 
> systems. This reduces the potential community friction when changes 
> require some little paradigm shifts.

How about creating an "nds" (or "learningtrove") block and work more or 
less as I outlined in the original message:

-copy all existing docs to a single directory, "big bag of docs", in 
this new block
-rename docs as needed to give them permanent names (=numeric IDs)
-create a very simple publishing system for now
-start building the navigations, trails, tables of contents 
-if the docs format changes for the new doc management system, 
navigation definitions stay valid

I like the idea of temporarily forgetting about Forrest and Lenya: a 
simple prototype with minimal constaints would help this move forward, 
and we can later backport the good ideas where they belong.


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