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From "Guido Casper" <>
Subject Re: repository block (was Re: [RT] Source extensions)
Date Fri, 24 Oct 2003 10:41:29 GMT
Unico Hommes <> wrote:
>>> A related change I need to make is described here:
>>> this will
>>> not only improve performance of querying for a specific property
>>> but is prerequisite for setting properties via the
>>> SourceDescriptionManager.
>> I'm not sure.
>> What exactly is the meaning of the returned Strings?
> They identify a property type: namespace + "#" + propname. The
> previous implementation of the inspector manager's
> getSourceProperty() method was looping over all registered inspectors
> until it found the property it was looking for.
> In order to make this process more efficient the manager needs to
> register the individual inspectors to handle specific properties. The
> getExposedPropertyTypes() method enables this.
>> Is it all properties "supported" by a particular SourceInspector
>> implementation?
> Yes.
>> What if it supports any within a particular namespace?
>> What if it support any within any namespace?
>> How would that be represented?
> Nothing in place for that yet, but we could add it easily. Just need a
> convention. What about using wildcards for this:
> *#myprop
> myns#*
> *#*
> This way a simple jdbc descriptor that stores properties as key value
> pairs in a database can assert it is general enough to handle any
> property. The manager then looks for an inspector in order from most
> specific (exact match) to least specific (*#*).

The way the manager caches the values for lookups looks to me like
sacrifying a lot of flexibility. I don't really see a way to avoid the
looping (Is it really that costly?).

Caching the set of supported properties is ok, but it should be a
concern of the individual SourceInspector implementation IMO, since it
could change at runtime (think access control for instance). That might
also be a reason for the above lookup mechanism to break.


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