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From "Guido Casper" <>
Subject Re: repository block (was Re: [RT] Source extensions)
Date Tue, 21 Oct 2003 20:57:25 GMT
Unico Hommes <> wrote:
> Guido Casper wrote:
>> I would like to make the following changes to the 2.1 repo and will
>> go ahead if noone objects (as soon I find some time):
>> -Creating a repository block and moving there all source interfaces
>> not part of excalibur's sourceresolve package.
> +1
>> -Moving there the SourceInspector interface and implementations
> Yep.
>> -Adding a setSourceProperty() method to the SourceInspector interface
> Already have it on my local copy. :-)

Cool! So I leave this to you :-)

>> -Marking the slide block as unstable
> That would be because the slide block then depends on repository block
> and inherits its unstable state.
>> -Moving there Linotypes repository abstraction(s)
>> So the repository block would currently be not much more than a
>> single place to better be able
>> compare/comment/improve/unify/consolidate.
>> This would remove the dependency of the webdav block and the
>> scratchpad block on the slide block but make them all (including
>> Linotype) depend on the repository block.
> You could also move TraversableSourceDescriptionGenerator into the
> repository block. It's a pair with the source extension interfaces and
> doing so would remove the dependency of the scratchpad block on the
> repository block.


> I am currently working on a simple JdbcSourceInspector for mutable
> SourceProperties and a RepositorySource that acts as a Source wrapper
> and adds Inspectability.

You really rock (can't wait to have a look at the LocationMapModule :-)


> -- Unico
>> Guido
>> Unico Hommes <> wrote:
>>> Guido Casper wrote:
>>>> Unico Hommes <> wrote:
>>>>> One of the things I've noticed that I would like to discuss is
>>>>> that the Source extensions such as LockableSource,
>>>>> InspectableSource, etc. are currently all located inside the
>>>>> Slide block, whereas they should probably be located in a more
>>>>> general block (a repository block?) or else move them to
>>>>> excalibur sourceresolve.
>>>> I thought about that as well. The problem is that some of them do
>>>> not seem general enough to move to excalibur. I'm +1 for a
>>>> separate block although I'm not sure about the name.
>>> Yes, a separate block seems more obvious to me too, at least for
>>> some of the functionality. Property management may be general
>>> enough for Excalibur imho.

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