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From "Jeff Ramsdale" <>
Subject Re: Continuations and multiple sessions
Date Tue, 28 Oct 2003 17:31:57 GMT

"Sylvain Wallez" <> wrote in message
> Jeff Ramsdale wrote:
> >I'm curious about how flow/continuations are handled in a situation 
> >where the user has begun interacting with a flow-managed page and 
> >then they open a new window (via CTRL-N, say) and the two windows get

> >out of sync with each other. Is it possible to invalidate one and not

> >the other? How can the server identify each?
> When you create a new window, you actually create a new branch in the
> continuation tree. From there on, each window leaves in its own
> but they share every information that was declared before the fork.

How can that branch be created? Isn't a CTRL-N totally a client-side
operation? Or does it re-request the page?
> If at one point, you don't want the user to be able do go back or to
> continue interacting with the flow in another window, you can
> the continuation tree: cocoon.sendPageAndWait() returns the created 
> continuation which has an invalidate() method.

So you don't invalidate a branch, right? Just the whole tree? I've got a
pretty flimsy grasp of continuations at this point, so please bear with
any questions that might have obvious answers!

> For further details on this, please refer to my presentation at the 
> GT,
> slides 16, 17, 18.

Will do. I was hoping to take a look last night but I ran out of time.
> Sylvain


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