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From "Gunter D'Hondt" <>
Subject RE: Woody BinaryWidget
Date Mon, 27 Oct 2003 08:57:07 GMT

Don't worry I can wait (better that than making the same again). 
What datatype have you used? A composite datatype with the byte-array
and the filename as string?

Gunter D'Hondt

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Sent: maandag 27 oktober 2003 9:47
Subject: Re: Woody BinaryWidget

Gunter D'Hondt wrote:

>I was thinking of making a page where people can upload a file but I 
>was wondering how to do that with Woody. For the layout (inputfield 
>"Browse"-button) a new widget can be made and the datatype should be a
>byte-array and a filename?
>Any thought on this?
>Is there already a list/doc that describes all available widgets and
>Gunter D'Hondt
I've got an Upload widget working and almost ready to commit, but won't 
be able to do so straight away as I'm about to go away for a week.

If you can wait, I can finish that and commit it.

Regards, Upayavira

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