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From Tuomo L <>
Subject New protocol for in-memory resources
Date Tue, 09 Sep 2003 17:15:40 GMT

I've been playing with the upload-mechanism of Cocoon, and noticed that
it's now required to cath the uploaded file since cocoon deletes it (At
least this is the behaviour on my 2.1 installation with "autosave-upload"
true and "allow-uploads" true)

I'm working on a "ZipArchiveExtractorAction", which accepts two
parameters via sitemap: "source" and "target".

Now, with source resolving, I can use protocols such as:
"cocoon://", "context://" etc. It would be convinient,
if one could use a protocolthat defines a source (FilePart) located in memory.
This could be for example: "multipart://" . Then it would
be possible to extract that in-memory zip-file to the target-dir.

Is this possible already, or am I going to wrong direction here?


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