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Subject RE: dynamic flowscript
Date Thu, 04 Sep 2003 00:42:35 GMT
Hi Reinhard,

"Reinhard Poetz" <> wrote on 09/03/2003 01:01:07 AM:

> If flowscripts are reloaded depends on two parameters: First on the
> configuration of the interpreter if it allows reloads at all and how
> often  reloads are checked. 

I checked cocoon.xconf and reload-scripts is set to true, check-time to 

>And second on the script itself. Currently
> we use the (deprecated) getLastModified methods to determin if a script
> has changed. This should work well for scripts resolved using the file
> protocol but not the cocoon:/ protocolls.
> So for now use the file protocol to get your scripts reloaded until we
> (I) find some time to change the implementation.

Not sure what the file protocol would do for me.  I am using the cocoon: 
pseudo-protocol because
I wish to use a pipeline to assemble js from xml using xslt.

> ad your more general question:
> We discuessed this and came to the conclusion that we don't want to
> forbid dynamically loaded scripts because this opens many interesting
> possibilities but we haven't been sure at all if this is "bad magic" or
> not. But maybe you come up with some interesting use cases.
> And please be aware that dynamically loaded flowscripts have (negative)
> impact on the performance. I wouldn't use scripts that change for every
> request (script loading and compiling is synchronized!)

I imagine scripts would change every few months, but sometimes as often as 
several times a day (for a few days).  Am hoping to have SoC to the extent 
that the people writing the controller scripts are customers scattered 
around the country :-)

> I'm preparing a prototype for interecepted flowscripts - maybe this can
> serve your needs. If everything works well it should be found at
> scratchpad at the beginning of the next week.

I will check it out. Thanks.

-- Michael

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